Have you ever left your writing for too long? Perhaps life suddenly appeared and forced you to focus on other things. It happens to all of us – but don’t worry, there is a productive way to get back.

I have for some time worked on my novel Morning Milk. A project that grew out of proportion into a trilogy of books. When I hit my first 50.000 words, I was proud to get there but then… I couldn’t write a word.

A whole month of other things to do later I wondered how to get back on track. The answer was surprisingly productive.

Here are the 5 steps to getting back on track.

1) Familiarize yourself with what is written. Have a read through.

2) Edit bad text but not the story until you read it all.

3) Plan ahead to a new story milestone. Perhaps you just found a new story development. Outline it and don’t forget to comment on what that changes results in for the story you already put into words so you can edit quickly.

4) Set a smaller word count goal, within a reasonable timeframe. Creativity works well with restrictions. If your goal is 10.000 within a week, then make it so!

5) Be kind to yourself. Nobody is on top all the time. 

During my read through I began revisioning and edit previous text. I got a new feel for the story and new motivation. 

Don’t feel bad if you pause a text. When you leave it alone for a while you also give yourself space to find new insights that will propel you forward.

It is never to late to pick the pen up again.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels